Retirement Estimates

Estimates may be obtained using TRS’s website estimator, by using the Pathway online member self-service site or from TRS staff. To use the TRS website estimator, please use Internet Explorer for benefit estimator application.

WEBSITE ESTIMATOR (click here — opens new window)


ESTIMATE BY STAFF: To email TRS and obtain an estimate, you will need to have following information available (please use TRS’s secure email, found on the CONTACT US page, to forward your request and information):

  • Your full name
  • Your current address
  • TRS member ID
  • Current year contract salary
  • Current year extra-duty salary
  • Beneficiary’s relationship (i.e. spouse, nonspouse) and date of birth
  • Projected retirement date
  • If the employer pays for sick days, provide balance of unused sick leave
  • Projected salary increases for each year beyond the current year

 You also may use the written form.